Spa in Palm Springs, California

April 3, 2020

Spa in Palm Springs

Combination of Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Swedish Massage, and Aromatherapy

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  • Stress is not only hard on our bodies; it is hard on our relationships as well. Most couples say that the stresses of life hinder both their communication as well as intimacy in their relationships. One of the most wonderful experiences a couple can have is to enjoy a relaxing, romantic massage together. Not only will it relieve your stresses, but it will bring you both closer together.
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Four Hand Massage

One of Our Signature Massage Experiences Combining Mirror and Asynchronous Tandem Techniques

  • The Four Hand Tandem Massage is one of our signature massage experiences. This massage technique is a blending of two techniques; the “mirror massage” and the “asynchronous” tandem massage.

    First, the mirror massage involves two therapists working in exact mirror unison with one another. This mirror massage technique originated in India 1000’s of years ago and helps bring balance to the body and mind.

    Second, the asynchronous tandem massage is designed to have two therapists bring complementary styles of massage techniques to the client. Example: One therapist may be working on the head and the other could be working on the feet, or one therapist working the one arm in an upward direction and the other in a downward direction.

    Our therapists perform this well balanced and practiced massage technique utilizing massage modalities such as: Deep tissue, long flowing Swedish massage strokes, stretching, and reflexology.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Transformation Hawaii Massage

  • Lomi Lomi Massage is a beautiful form of transformational Hawaiian massage. This massage practice integrates physical and energetic healing with flowing forearm movements, breath, presence, aloha and sacred space. Lomi Lomi means "to massage, " "to knead" or "to weave." Weaving aloha, weaving light, weaving spirit, weaving consciousness into the unconscious.

Rain Drop Massage

A Mixture of Essential Oils and Massage Techniques

  • The Rain Drop Massage is a mixture of massage techniques including back massage, vita flex massage, and heat application. The technique involves a sequential application through massage of essential oils to bring alignment to the body.

    Our rain drop massage technique uses the following essential oils: Rosewood, basil, tea tree, sweet peppermint, and wild orange.

Prenatal Massage

Relax Muscle Tension, Improve Lymphatic and Blood Circulation

  • Spa Care for Moms-to-Be

    Spa treatments can relieve the main discomforts of pregnancy, and the spa atmosphere can relax expectant mothers overwhelmed by the changes in their bodies.

    Best for...

    Prenatal massage can relieve back pain and improve sleep and mood, as well as decrease stress and reduce labor complications. Prenatal massage is best given while you lie on your side propped up by pillows. Neck and shoulder massage is a safe sitting-up option, as well.

    Good to Know:

    Avoid contrast hydrotherapy (alternating hot and cold pools or rooms). Constant temperatures are best.

    Skip hot baths, steam rooms, and saunas (traditional and infrared), and body wraps (which cause perspiration and raise the core body temperature).

    Our qualified massage therapists have been specifically trained and certified in prenatal treatments. Each therapist has completed a maternity course that emphasizes positioning and therapeutic Swedish relaxation massage for pregnancy.

    While prenatal massage is considered SAFE for expectant moms, if you are experiencing complications or suspect that you are, please make us aware prior to making you're reservation and receiving therapy.

Palm Springs, California - Destination Video
Palm Springs, California - Destination Video
2399 Southridge Drive, Palm Springs, California 92264
2399 Southridge Drive, Palm Springs, California 92264
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Palm Springs, California Vacation Travel Guide
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