Hotels in Hot Springs, NC

November 30, 2019

The Mountain Magnolia Inn

I will be putting together a First Aid Kit - bandAids, anti bacterial wipes, Immodium, Pepto Bismol, bug spray, Aspirin, neosporin - maybe some more little items.

That was today's lesson on traveling...


... can be worn with tennis shoes, sandals, etc. Very good for travel. Since we are staying in apartments, doing laundry will be easy. While searching thru Air BNB, I saw that some long term (1 month +) rentals offer weekly maid service. A very nice feature. Of course some have Washer & Dryers in the ...

We got a pretty early start today: the goal was to be on the road between 9:30 and 10 and we did. After we got a picture taken of course. We headed out of Robbinsville on 143 to Hwy 28 S (Moonshiner's 28) to 74 for a little bit before we could get onto 19N. The idea was to stay off 4 lane roads as much as possible: worked on the way out but not so much on the way back to our house (which we still think is great by the ...

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... there was another bald and I was less amused. Then I slipped in the slick mud, for the second time that day, less than a mile from the shelter, and was covered in muck, and my good humor ran out. But still, the challenge of the hike had done it's job, and I was back in a hiking frame of mind. The shelter that night was crazy. It was supposedly a 10 person shelter, but it was large enough to hold several more than that. The problem was that it was one of the very few shelters ...

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... I was quite annoyed that the water was so fast away. I never saw Mooch or Ahab that day, and I spent the evening hoping they hadn't pushed through the last 3 miles to town without me. I was very tempted to do so myself, but in the interest of saving the probably $50 I would have spent on a hostel and food (the majority of that going toward food), I stayed at the shelter. Plus, I just really didn't want to walk anymore. I was up early, eager to get to town and, more importantly, get ...

Appalachian Trail Max Patch to Hot Springs, NC Nov 21 22, 2015
Appalachian Trail Max Patch to Hot Springs, NC Nov 21 22, 2015
24- Cyborg on the AT- Hot Springs, NC
24- Cyborg on the AT- Hot Springs, NC
people games. hot springs, nc 2008
people games. hot springs, nc 2008
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