Hot Springs Hotels in California

May 8, 2020

The Byron Hot Springs Hotel

A small, perfect getaway located two hours east of Los Angeles, Hope Springs's main attractions are its hot mineral water, flowing through three pools 24-hours-a-day, classic mid-century California architecture combined with a modern minimalist sensibility, and a level of service that is both laid-back and attentive. Then there are the spectacular views, a full menu of massages and body treatments, delicious breakfasts, as well as proximity to both Joshua Tree National Forest and Palm Springs.


Established in 2000.

The mineral rich waters below the town of Desert Hot Springs were discovered around 1913, but it wasn't until the mid century that the town became well known for its therapeutic spas and small hotels. Hope Springs was built in 1963 as the La Bella Sari Lodge. While not the first spa/hotel in town, it was unique for its striking architecture, spacious rooms and private patios all arranged around three naturally-fed, mineral water pools and magnificent views of the surrounding mountains. After a series of owners and one name change, the hotel became Hope Springs in 2000. The goal of the renovation was to restore the hotel's original architecture and pair it with a new modern minimalist sensibility. The result was a tranquil combination of both. Since the last change of ownership in 2005, Hope Springs has continued to be oasis of calm and an intimate escape, only now with better linens and coffee.

california hot springs
california hot springs
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