Camping in Hot Springs NC

July 12, 2020


Spring Creek SiteCreek Ridge is a very beautiful & unique campground in Hot Springs NC, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Our campsites are very private and located along Spring Creek, where each campsite has a PEKA (covered deck) and a campfire pit with a grill. You may choose to sleep on the deck or pitch a tent and use the PEKA for shelter. Restroom and shower facilities are located at the top of the mountain, at the rear of the camp lodge. You may consider this extreme camping – we call it camping on the edge – but its an experience you don’t want to miss.

A PEKA shelter is really just an elevated wooden platform, with a tin or tarp roof. You can pitch a tent or screen enclosure on the platform, or just unroll your bedding and enjoy the sights and sounds of the wooded streamside as you sleep. The choice is all yours!

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Trail to Spring CreekYou should realize that staying in one of these secluded sites requires a steep 800 foot hike down the mountain. You will want to pack accordingly, because you will need to carry everything to your site, and you won’t be able to park your car next to your site. Hiking shoes are highly recommended. If this doesn’t appeal to you, you may want to consider either one of our our homey cabin rentals, tailgate camping sites, or 2-person chalets.

If you’re adventurous, like the outdoors and privacy, then Creek Ridge is the place for you, and one of our creekside sites may be the right choice. We have so much to do and see, we’re sure you’ll come back many times to experience camping on the edge in many different ways.

How To Pack

Our suggestions for how to pack for creekside camping:

If you’re camping by the creek, remember that everything you bring with you, you have to hike in and carry out. Combine that with a 1000 foot trail which is quite steep in places and packing gets pretty simple. Bring the basics. Hiking shoes (as opposed to flip flops, sandals, and tennis shoes) are highly recommended.

Creekside CampsiteCamping Gear Basics

  • Tent
  • A camp chair
  • Cooler with wheels
  • Drinking water (or filtration device)
  • Backpack that holds the rest of what you need; things like:
  • Bedroll
  • Matches
  • Pots/pans/cups/plates
  • Food
  • Clothes (be sure to pack something for chilly evenings)
  • Sunscreen, bug repellant, toothbrush and toothpaste etc. etc. etc.
  • We recommend cans rather than bottles because they are lighter to carry
  • Fishing pole
  • A smile and your adventurous side!
  • The staff at Creek Ridge Camping values the Earth, our forested mountainside home, and our woodland neighbors. Please remember to always treat “the forest house” kindly and tenderly by not leaving trash behind and refraining from scattering compost during your stay. All trash must be brought up in trash bags to the camp lodge and thrown away in the trash cans provided on the backside of the camp lodge. If there is any cleanup required to your site after you leave you will be charged a $25 cleaning fee. Any destruction to any site or area on the property including cutting limbs or trees will result in a $100 fine. All major damage will be assessed by the appropriate contractor and charges will apply to cover any and all damage incurred to repair the sites, structures and/or grounds.

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