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February 8, 2014

Arenal Volcano Mineral Hot

One of the many things I value about the place is the complete acceptance of the real-life diversity of the human body. Every shape and size: we all find a home at Wilbur.

Morgan Weir, Guest

I had never experienced a clothing-optional anything before, and had some reservation about that. We are not “hippies”, but rather pretty conservative. Both my wife and I packed swim suits, but once I got there and was put at ease by the surroundings…..well, “when in Rome”…. My wife stayed in her swim suit, and had just as a relaxing day as I. She was never made to feel uncomfortable by anyone, and she was one of two people clothed. After 5 minutes or so, you don’t even notice the lack of clothing, and just see people. As others have said in their reviews, the nudity is not gratuitous, but rather in my opinion, necessary to reach full relaxation mode.

Scott P., Yelp Review

Nearby is a warm pool where talking is permitted; I loved floating here while star-gazing!

Rad J., Yelp Review

One thing that you really must be prepared for is the clothing optional aspect of the pool and flume area. Although it is stated as “optional”, expect most people to be completely naked. My wife chose to leave her swimsuit on and there were no uncomfortable feelings either way. Sexual activity is completely non-existent. It’s not that kind of place. You really feel at ease regardless of your bathing attire…or lack thereof. All nudity is limited to the fenced in pool area exclusively. There is no public nudity allowed elsewhere Wilbur.

Joe S, Sacramento, CA, TripAdvisor Review

The springs were amazing. Clean and quiet. The sauna was perfectly hot.

Lois B., Oakland, CA, 5 Star Yelp Review

Want silence, clean organic hot springs in the most beautiful setting just a couple of hours from SF?? Want to soak all night without anyone bothering you?? Then this is your sanctuary!

Hez B., San Francisco, CA, 5 Star Yelp Review

The pools are extraordinarily clean… The sauna and outdoor showers are comfortable and lovely. Plenty of shade, lawn and sun spots for all that your heart desires.

Hez B., San Francisco, CA, 5 Star Yelp Review

If you’re nervous about skinny dipping in front of others, this place is completely accepting. There was every shape, size, color, age that you could imagine and whether you were wearing clothes or not, no one was looking (and if they were, they weren’t ogling). Everyone was respectful and pleasant to be around.

Sarah O., Sonoma, CA, Yelp Review

I recently surprised my husband with a weekend getaway to Wilbur and not being one to casually drop his drawers in public, I am happy to report that this hot spring’s relaxed, non-cruising vibe was enough to disrobe my modest man.

Miss L., San Francisco Yelp Review

The bathing area is really well done – a nice variety of temperatures and we never felt crowded, rushed, uncomfortable.

J.F., Alexandria, VA, 5 Star Yelp Review

Best water on the west coast. Natural occurring lithium in the water makes you totally relaxed.

Kate R., Sacramento, CA, 5 Star TripAdvisor Review

I lived in Japan for five years, and my favorite activity was going to onsen (hot springs in Japanese). I experienced plenty of different kinds of hot springs with different water composition. Out of all the best I tried over there, Wilbur is by far my favorite hot spring on earth! Even several weeks after my visit I still can feel the benefits on my body and mind. The water is unique–no words are enough to describe it! I will be a loyal visitor for all the rest of my life!

Hugo L.,

I love Wilbur more than any other hot springs in the world. It is tranquil, it is idyllic and their tagline – in all the world no waters like these – is 100% true. It’s one of my favorite places in the world!

Pam S., Oakland, CA, 5 Star Yelp Review

In the three hours we spent in the waters at Wilbur Hot Springs, I really felt like I had just come off a weekend away. I absolutely felt my stress wash away.

James P., Chico, CA, 5 Star Yelp Review
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