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February 13, 2016

Spa pool

At first glance, a basement may seem like a strange place to swim. However, many of our customer have discovered that their basement is an excellent, convenient location for an Endless Pool.

  • A basement with a concrete floor offers the ideal structural support for an above-ground pool. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to install an Endless Pool.
  • A basement can provide a winterized, accessible, attractive year-round space.
  • Many Endless Pools fit through a 24" doorway. As a general rule, if you can get a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood into your basement, then you can get all modular Endless Pools in also (Original Endless Pool, Waterwell, and Fastlane Pool). Walk out basements with large patio doors (8'+) may be suitable for our Spa Series.
  • Most standard depth modular Endless Pools can fit easily in a basement with a ceiling height as low as 7'. There is no need to break through the floor. Basements with higher ceilings may be suitable for our Spa Series and deeper modular pools allowing you to incorporate an underwater treadmill.
  • Most Endless Pools can be installed in a corner. Access to the sides of the pool following installation is required only when optional hydro-jets, lights or the retractable security cover are installed.
  • There is no connection to household plumbing. You fill the pool with a garden hose and change the water once every year or two.
  • We have greatly reduced chlorine odor and effects with our modern purification systems that comes standard with every pool. Your basement will not smell like the local gym!
  • Most of our pools can be well insulated allowing you to swim in an unheated space.

  • An inexpensive option for installing your pool.
  • Allows for year-round swimming in any weather.
  • The easiest option for do-it-yourselfers.
  • Excavation is not necessary.
  • Installation can be faster than for partial or full excavations.
  • Heating costs are lower than for outdoor pools.
  • Makes unwanted pool access more difficult for children and pets.
  • You can create a unique, beautiful and private custom setting for your pool.
  • You may need an exterior step or stairway to enter the pool.
  • If the floor is not already concrete, a concrete pad may need to be poured.
  • Ceiling height may limit which Endless Pools are appropriate.
  • A fully or partially in-ground pool can be more attractive and accessible.
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