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August 7, 2016

Best Local Spas, Palm Springs

The Day Spa

THE SPRING Day Spa guests enjoy use of our three sparkling mineral pools for 2 hours following or before spa treatments. We encourage guests to arrive an hour before your scheduled treatment time to enjoy our mineral pools. Soaking in mineral spring water helps relax your muscles and greatly enhances the benefits of massage. The enclosed soaking pool is maintained slightly above body temperature. An outdoor soaking pool is maintained at 104 degrees. The large, sparkling swimming pool's temperature is adjusted to weather conditions for maximum pleasure.
Day spa guests are provided robes and slippers and a small basket locker. Our changing room is equipped with hair dryers, lotions and a beautiful view.

Day Spa guests enjoying any spa package may rent a room or suite on a half day basis during the week when available.

Inside the Spa facility, guests will enjoy the finest Finnish sauna available. In the tradition of an Indian sweat lodge, rocks are heated with fire instead of electricity, producing a healthful, naturally detoxifying environment. A superb sauna such as this is essential for maximum cleansing. The sauna area is co-ed.

The Spring Spa offers a tantalizing array of buffs, wraps and massages. Our staff has created an incomparable menu of delights for you at The Spring Spa. Guests may enjoy any individual one hour treatment or select from our custom tailored package menu.

Day Spa Packages

A lavish choice of treatments are offered at THE SPRING with focus on cleansing, detoxification and rejuvenation. Our treatments are designed to relax the body and soul while stimulating the body’s natural healing process.

The Spring Day 3 hr.
Begin your Spring Day with a soak in our magical waters to prepare for this wonderful combination of treatments. Experience the Spring Buff and Clay and Sandalwood Wrap and then a fresh Aloe Vera Scalp Massage. You will be renewed! 350.

Morning Glory 2 hr 50 min
The supreme Epicuren Enzyme Facial is followed by a detoxifying Clay and Sandalwood Wrap, which includes a 1/2 hour Aromatherapy Massage. Leaves you silken from head to toe. 300.

The Bloom 2 1/2 hr
For total relaxation, we recommend our Antioxidant Salt Scrub, followedby a personalized Aromatherapy Massage. Finish with a reflexology session to get you grounded again. Yummy! 285.

The Detox 2 hr
Detox day at The Spring! First a European Power Polish followed by a Lymphatic Massage. Finish up with a restoring soak in our magnificent healing waters. 240.

Day Spa PackagesDesert Cleanse 2 1/2 hr
Start your cleanse with a powerfully penetrating deep tissue massage, followed by a healthful sauna session before your immune boosting buff. 288.

Complete Facial Package 2 1/2 hours
We combine our Spring Zen Breeze Facial with our Splurge Back Facial. Includes neck, shoulder and foot massage and concludes with our luscious scalp massage to leave you fresh, relaxed and pampered head to toe. 305

Gentleman’s Package 2 hr
Start with a Gentleman’s Facial, designed specifically for men and finish with a powerful Deep Tissue Massage. 245.

Mini Packages

The Dream 1 1/2 hr
A half-hour aromatherapy massage followed by a dreamy hour long Zen Breeze Facial 175.

Spring Morning 1 hr
A half-hour reflexology, finishing with a half-hour fresh Aloe Vera Scalp Massage. 120.

Spring Glow 1 1/2 hr
Refresh with an Antioxidant Salt Scrub and a half-hour Swedish Massage. 175.

Receive 10% off the total value of your Spa Finder Gift Certificates*

THE SPRING no longer accepts Spa Finder Gift Certificates but we have a double offer that lets you enjoy them twice! As a Day Spa Guest, present your Spa Finder Gift Certificates upon check-in and you’ll receive 10% off the total value of your Spa Finder Gift Certificates up to the total price of your spa service.

You can receive 10% off your spa services with us and still have your Spa Finder Certificates to use elsewhere!

*Certificates not to exceed the total value of services. Valid for Day Spa Guests spa services only.

General Information

Upon your arrival, robes and slippers will be provided as will a sauna wrap, if you desire one.

Please arrive at the very least 30 minutes before your treatment. An hour is better. This will give you time to change and relax in our mineral pools before your scheduled time. If you are having The Spring Buff, please allow time to soak before your Buff.

We require 24 hours cancellation notice to avoid a 100% cancellation fee. Groups of 3 or more require 48 hours cancellation notice.

Please notify our staff when making reservations if you are pregnant, have asthma or cancer or are taking aspirin therapy or blood thinners.

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