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June 7, 2020

Hotel Santa Fe

Cielo Massage

60 minutes – $125
90 minutes – $170
add aromatherapy $10

A Restorative experience tailored to your individual needs. Your customized therapeutic massage will focus on relaxation and relief of muscle tension.
Santa Fe Stone Balancing

80 minutes – $180

Our warm stone massage is comforting and grounding. Combining stones with massage provides deeper pressure, increased circulation, and healing warmth to support balance in the body, mind and spirit.

Couples Cielo Massage

60 minutes – $260
90 minutes – $350
add aromatherapy $10 each

Share the relaxation with a close friend, family member or significant other while two therapists perform simultaneous massage.


Ayurveda is the “science of life” which was revealed to the ancient people of India thousands of years ago.

East Indian Massage

60 minutes – $170
Traditional “Abhyanga” massage with soothing rhythmic strokes stimulates the lymph and calms and balances the nervous system for a replenished sense of well-being. Warm aromatic oil will complement your “dosha” body type.

Land of Enchantment

120 minutes – $245

This spa ritual begins with an aromatic body polish to awaken and smooth your skin. This is followed by a nurturing warm stone massage, relaxing to your deepest core.
Wind and Mountain

90 minutes – $185

Pamper and purify your whole-self with the rebalancing elements of nature. Prior to your therapeutic massage, your skin will be gently exfoliated with a body scrub of your choice. You will emerge feeling radiant from head to toe.
Choose one:
Aromatic Desert Salt Glow
Brown Sugar Scrub
Organic Sugar Scrub

Healing Waters

Our healing package begins with a calming lavender foot bath. Next you will be warmly wrapped after a light body brushing and application of our nutrient-rich, green clay body mask. An aromatic, customized massage completes this healing ritual.
Santa Fe Indulgence

120 minutes – $235

Indulge your senses with our fragrant brown sugar scrub followed by a deliciously nourishing anti-oxidant chocolate mineral mask. This luxurious spa ritual is completed with a full body massage.

White Sage

Bask in the luxury of this “senses of the Southwest” purifying package which begins with a light body brushing. The relaxing power of massage and clearing scent of native sage will wash away muscular tension. Tired feet are soothed with a wild-crafted, pinon sap cream. An herbal wrap detoxifies as you are enveloped in warm aromatic linens.

Body Treatments

Our body treatments take you back-to-nature and provide delightful sensory stimulation by using simple, wholesome ingredients and traditional holistic methods at our Santa Fe spa hotel.

Squash Blossom Body Scrub & Wrap

60 minutes – $135

A powerfully effective way to exfoliate and soften skin. We use our brown sugar scrub to restore smoothness, then we apply a vitamin-rich pumpkin mask. Your are warmly wrapped allowing the products to further replenish your whole body.

Dancing Feet Reflexology

60 minutes – $125

This ancient Thai-based Healing Art attends to your feet, lower legs and knees and is designed to achieve balance throughout the body. We combine stretching, massage and the use of a traditional wooden stick to stimulate the reflex points and increase energy flow. Experience this unique balancing and replenishing treatment at our Santa Fe spa hotel.

Moccasin Dance

30 minutes – $80

Soothing the world-weary traveler, this reflexology foot massage will reset your internal pedometer and put the spring back into your step. A rich cream will be massaged into your feet, gently working on the pressure points that activate your whole-body healing energies. Delightfully restored, you’ll feel like dancing to the beat of your own drum.

Neck & Shoulder Massage

30 minutes $80 – table massage, fully clothed

A targeted stress relieving treatment focused on the upper back and neck. Effective on its own or a perfect addition to any of our other services.

Skin Care Treatments

Featuring Epicuren Products

Hotel Santa Fe spa’s natural products restore and replenish skin exposed to the high desert climate. Facials include a shoulder and scalp, hand or foot massage.

Epicuren Signature Facial

60 minutes – $150
90 minutes $170 – includes a Silver Ion eye treatment

Often described as a natural face-lift, this facial utilizes unique enzymes that stimulate cell metabolism to improve your skin’s appearance. The result is a glowing and radiant complexion.

Ultimate Anti-Oxidant Facial

60 minutes – $140

This facial combines the age-fighting ingredients of Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE vitamin A, C and E to leave the skin looking infinitely more youthful. Your skin is first smoothed with a delicate, yet efficient Microderm polishing scrub. Next, high-powered anti-oxidants are deeply absorbed into the skin with the unique Silver Ion Mask application. This treatment is effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines, sun damage and wrinkles.

Pumpkin Spice Facial

The perfect treatment for addressing acne, hyper pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. This facial will promote a smoother, younger appearance.
High Altitude Hydrating Facial

60 minutes – $140 (Soothing facial for problematic skin types)

Incorporates natural elements to produce soothing skin-quenching results. Featuring Noni Fruit, which has outstanding anti-oxidant benefits. This facial’s key ingredients build the health of the skin.
White Sage Facial for Men

60 minutes – $130

A deep cleanse and clay mask refreshes and revitalizes your skin. Stress and tension are massaged out of your neck, shoulders and scalp with our White Sage Purifying Oil.
Facial Waxing

Chin, Lip, Brow – $15 each

Waxing services only available with a facial treatment.

Nail Care

Classic Manicure

45 minutes – $50

With this classic manicure you’ll experience detailed nail care, moisturizing hand massage and fashionable polish at our Hotel Santa Fe spa.

Classic Spa Pedicure

60 minutes – $70

A luxurious and healing treatment for your feet, which includes exfoliation and soothing massage followed by complete nail care.

Spanish/Santa Fe Themed Spa and Water/Fire Feature
Spanish/Santa Fe Themed Spa and Water/Fire Feature
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Light Vessel Santa Fe - Love Cafe & Well Being Spa
Santa Fe Day Spa BRIDAL
Santa Fe Day Spa BRIDAL
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