Hot Springs Pismo Beach

April 23, 2013

San Diego Airport (SAN) to

We now have Beach Cruisers Bikes available for your cycling pleasure. With the beginning of the Bob Jones Bike Trail just a stones throw away, the Avila Hot Springs in the perfect place to start your adventure.
Per Hour $10 Per Hour $7 Half Day (4hrs) $25 Half Day (4hrs) $20 Full Day (8hrs) $35 Full Day (8hrs) $30 Overnight (24hrs) $45 Overnight (24hrs) $40 Hoagies Restaurant

The Bob Jones Trail is the City to the Sea bike trail that follows the Pacific Coast Railroad right-of-way along the San Luis Obispo Creek to Avila Beach. Starts at the parking lot right off the 101 freeway by Avila Hot Springs Resort and ends near the beach in downtown Avila. This trail is great for walking, jogging, skating, biking, etc. The trail offers so much to look at, filled with nature and activity all around. There is a cute restaurant on the trail, which offers great food and wine. The trail travels along a golf course and a bridge that crosses the water. It ends at the beach/promenade in downtown Avila Beach. Here at Bob Jones Trail, you will learn the history of it and what is going on around it.

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