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November 1, 2019


Why Choose Broadwing Farm Cabins in Hot Springs, NC

Broadwing Farm was established in 1990 by the Dixon family (that's us) as a place to make our living, be together and live close to the land. 20 plus years later there are 3 generations of Dixons living here together on this beautiful farm. Someday there may be 4. Our crops vary from year to year. Now our main focus is on a large family garden, a young but growing blueberry and cherry orchard and a wonderful flock of chickens. We are happy to be able to share the vegetables, berries and fruit from our farm with our cabin guests as well as the delicious farm fresh eggs from our chickens. Broadwing Farm is situated on 85 acres on a plateau overlooking the scenic town of Hot Springs, NC, with miles of Pisgah National forest out the back door of the cabins and breathtaking views of the French Broad River Valley in front. This land has been farmed for generations and we feel so lucky to live here and carry on that traditions and we are happy to share this farm with our cabin guests.

Reason 1: We offer Hot Tub Cabins in Hot Springs with Naturally Warm Water

More than 200 years ago settlers and explorers to this area discovered what native people had known for ages: here along the banks of the ancient French Broad River there is naturally warm mineral water flowing up from the depths of the earth. In the eastern US that is a very rare thing! No doubt it is because of this that the town of Hot Springs, NC has grown and thrived since 1800 and continuously been a destination for heath and relaxation seekers. In 1999 we discovered by accident in a well we had drilled for drinking water that the naturally warm waters of Hot Springs NC were flowing beneath Broadwing Farm. This naturally warm water is one of the main benefits for a visitor to Broadwing Farm in Hot Springs, NC. We have situated a a hot tub outside each of our three cabins and we fill it fresh for each group of guests. Our water comes up from the well at 85 degrees. The hot tubs add the final touches of heat are adjustable to whatever temperature is desired.

Reason 2: Enjoy Cabins in Hot Springs and Life on an Organic farm

From 1992 to 2007 we primarily grew vegetables for our living, and although that is now longer our primary source of income, we still actively pursue the farming way of life. We have a young but large blueberry patch, some tame delicious triple crown blackberries, apples, cherries trees a large and beautiful garden which provides a tremendous bounty thru the year and a wonderful flock of productive hens who provide farm fresh eggs daily. And although it's a joy to be able to share these crops with our guests but what's funner still is meeting our guests in the garden or around the farm. It may be sharing a sunset by the pond, visiting by an apple tree and checking the fruit for readiness or digging some potatoes for dinner. Growing food is central to our way of life. It is the feeling and flavor of fresh food and it is watching it grow that we love and believe in and we hope our guests will benefit from this way too.

Reason 3: We're Experts on more than just Cabins in Hot Springs, NC

When we moved here in 1992 business in Hot Springs was at a low ebb. The resort had been closed for a couple of years and area tourism had mostly dried up. But the Hicks family had recently bought the resort property and they were putting it back into operation. Since then Hot Springs has really undergone a revitalization period with business such as Bluff Mountain Outfitters, Huck Finn and Blue Heron Rafting Outfitters and many others springing up. We have had the privilege of knowing many of these good folks for years and their businesses since their inception. And we have used these outfitters and businesses for years for ourselves and friends and family. We have also avidly pursued hiking, birdwatching, naturalist observations farmer's markets and area shopping and dining for our own purposes continuously for 20 or more years. When you come to the area, we will be more than happy to share our experience in the Hot Springs and Asheville area to try to help you plan your trip.

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Hot Springs Pools & Spas | Greenville SC, Asheville NC
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176 Valley Springs Road, Asheville, NC 28803
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